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Wood now the cheapest domestic heating fuel in the UK

The cost of living crisis, is closely linked to the cost of fuel. Whether it is the cost of heating our homes, or our businesses. Or the increased cost to industry for manufacturing, and distributing products- which then has a knock on effect to the consumer. We are all looking to save money and manage our budgets, this is especially impactful in the winter months.

The Stove Industry Alliance have published a report on the cost of heating our homes. They have compared a range of fuel options and the cost of wood logs have come out as the cheapest fuel source.

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The use of wood is 74% per kW cheaper than electricity, 21% cheaper than gas, and 29% cheaper than running a air source heat pump. This makes wood the most economical choice foe heating your home this winter. 

Added to this are the environmental benefits to using wood logs as a fuel source outlined in my previous blog. The SiA  also reiterates this stating 'wood fuel has the lowest carbon intensity of any domestic heating fuel..87% less than gas..88% less than electricity'.

In addition to this modern stoves are Eco-design compliant, this means that they emit 90% less particles than an open fire, and up to 80% less than older log burners. Therefore having less impact on the environment than other fuel sources and helping to contribute to the UK targets for reducing carbon and energy consumption.

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