Chimney Sweep

Why you should have your chimney swept

The primary reason for the sweeping and servicing of chimneys and flue liners is to remove flammable soot and creosote to aid in the prevention of chimney fires. These extremely fierce fires can be very dangerous and possibly lead to house fires and loss of life.

Secondary reasons for sweeping of flues are to ensure a clear passage way which the toxic exhaust gasses can escape through. Deaths through carbon monoxide poisoning have been well documented in the press and a major cause is a blocked flue.

Keep your home safe and warm

As professional, reliable, fully qualified Hetas chimney sweep, 

We are trained in chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning all different types of chimneys, flues and appliances. We use the latest in sweeping technology to ensure a top quality service. 

We treat your home with respect by protecting your home and its contents by sealing up the opening to the fireplace so that all dust is contained all with a polite and friendly service.

We can also supply and fit Cowls and complete any minor repairs that may be required.

On every visit we will check for safety by carrying out a visual inspection of your chimney before and after sweeping, completing a smoke test after sweeping to ensure the chimney is functioning correctly.

Price for a standard sweep is £45