Getting ready for an eco-friendly winter.

Getting ready for an eco-friendly winter.

With the present cost of living crisis, the concern about how home owners in the UK are going to heat their homes this winter is at the forefront of most peoples minds.

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Since 2009 the trend of installing log burners into homes has steadily increased. Currently 1.5 million homes in the UK have installed wood burning stoves into their homes. The installation of both wood burning and multifuel stoves is on the increase with 200,000 plus each year. The current fuel crisis is increasing this trend, especially the threat of 'blackouts' reminiscent of the 1970s. Home owners are looking for a fuel source, that is sustainable, controllable and above all cost effective and efficient.

Why installing a log burner is shrewd choice?

The use of wood as a fuel source is considered carbon neutral. This is because the CO2 absorbed by trees while growing offsetting the carbon released from burning the logs produced. This carbon footprint can be further reduced by ensuring a local supplier is used who manages sustainable wood production. Even foraging for wood after a storm can help clean up your local area and ensure kindling for the future.

Wood has a stable cost price compared to other fuels, and using local suppliers makes it more controllable. Added to this modern stoves employ the latest technology to ensure the burn is efficient and eco-friendly. In fact compared to fossil fuel usage wood is much more sustainable and green. Fossil fuels are not carbon neutral and produce far more CO2, plus release stored carbon which has been locked away for millions of years into the atmosphere. This release is deadly to the environment causing acid rain and contributing to climate change. 

All of these factors are important to consider, but the main reason UK homeowners have installed stoves, is the wonderful cosy atmosphere it brings to their homes. Stoves come in a range of styles to suit a range of tastes and interiors. They are highly efficient and easy to use and clean, and most come with attractive warranties. So despite the initial outlay, stoves will save you money on your fuel costs this winter and in addition add value to your home. 

So don't delay indulge in the dream of the cosy nights by your newly installed stove.

 Happy customer with a Medium tinderbox wood burning stove installed.