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  • Medium FlickrFlame Wood burning stove, 5kW - ECODesign 2022, Smoke Control Area Exempt, 85.1% Efficient, A+ Energy Rating, 13% Dust.
  • The black woodburning stove is an elegant and efficient addition to any home.
  • The body is made from high grade steel with a durable cast iron door and elegant polished chrome handle.
  • Dimensions and specifications for the Medium FlickrFlame wood burning stove.
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Medium Flickrflame wood burning stove 5 kW Eco-Design/ DEFRA approved

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The Medium FlickrFlame  wood burning stove has refined elegant features. The narrow frame and graceful arch allows for clear views of the enticing flickering flames. This 5kW model is designed in the UK and is perfect for any home. 

These slender woodburning stoves use the latest technology all models have an A+ Energy Rating together with the lowest production of harmful dust particles meaning they are amongst the most efficient stoves currently available in the UK.

The black steel body with black cast iron door with elegant polished chrome handle comes with a lifetime warranty. The powerful tertiary air system enables a highly efficient burn which results in a significantly cleaner and more efficient wood burning stove. This economical, efficient and environmentally friendly stove make this a shrewd purchase for your home.

This 5kW model is -

  • ECO-Design 2022 ready.
  • Suitable for Smoke Control Area Exempt DEFRA APPROVED
  • 80.4% Efficient, A+ Energy Rating,
  • 14% Dust- Designed and assembled in the UK, these stoves are the most efficient of their size in the UK, together with the lowest emissions (Dust Particles) available today.

Product Details

Item Medium FlickrFLAME - 5 kW - ECODesign 5 kW - ECODesign
Rated Power: 5 kW
Energy Rating: A+
Weight: 64 Kg
Effiency: 85.1%
CO (at 13% O2): 0.0008
Mean Flue Temp: 218°C
Dust 13 Nmg/m3
Mean C?H? (at 13% O2): 70 Nmg/m3
Mean NOx (at 13% O2): 98 Nmg/m3
Distance to Combustibles: Side: 400mm; Back: 250mm; Under Stove: 44°C