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  • The new Coniston inset multifuel stove.
  • A stylish inset stove in any setting with refined features and stainless steel handle.
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Coniston multifuel inset stove 5kW Eco-design / DEFRA approved

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The Coniston multifuel inset stove is a smart choice. It is eco-friendly and highly efficient. It's refined features make it a stylish and discerning choice for your home.

Made in Great Britain this innovative inset stove is latest addition to The Lakes collection. This 5kW inset multifuel stove is Defra approved and Eco-design ready. It has a A+ energy rating with an outstanding 83.7% efficiency. 

This model is extremely versatile and can be installed either into the hearth (3 sided) or hole in the wall (4 sided) or installed into an existing fireplace.