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Cooking grill expander - Kamado Grill Various sizes

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The Kamado Grill Expander adds great versatility for outdoor cooking

It allows you to bake, grill or smoke with up to 60% more cooking area- instantly adding a second grill, so additional servings will be ready at the same time. Our Grill Expander is made of 304 stainless steel for easy clean up and years of use, and it`s cupped feet keep it stable on the cooking grate.

Our Grill Expander is perfect for delicate food, because it elevates the food away from the heat source enough to prevent overcooking and reduce charring. 

Product details
Adds up to 60% more cooking area.
Made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel for easy clean up and years of use.
Cupped feet that secures to the cooking grate rods for sturdiness.
Dishwasher safe.


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