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144-OVALE-L - Mi-Fire Ovale L

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Ovale Low. An elegant wood burning stove with an A+ energy rating and Smoke Control Area Exemption.

The contemporary and stylish ovale range. A tall, slender and elegant wood burning stove with an elevated combustion chamber and ergonomically integrated stainless steel handles.

With its round form, an ultra modern wood-burning stove, where every detail is well thought out.

In addition to being a stylish piece of furniture, you also get an effortlessly clean, effective and environmentally friendly combustion.


Product Details

Item Mi-Fire Ovale L
Rated Power: 5kW
Energy Rating: A+
Weight: 85kg
Efficiency: 82.9
CO (at 13% O2): 0.06
Mean Flue Temp: 264 C
DIN Plus dust (at 13% O2): 7 Nmg/m3
Mean CnHm (at 13% O2): 50
Mean NOx (at 13% O2): 80

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