What to consider when purchasing and installing a wood burning stove

What to consider when purchasing and installing a wood burning stove

When considering purchasing and installing a log burner there are several factors to consider.

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Firstly location and space.

Before you purchase your stove it is essential that you get a survey completed from a qualified HETAS engineer. A HETAS engineer will access the following. The siting and clearance space for the proposed stove. The appropriate flue system required and the output needs for the room.

The output needs are essential to the efficiency of the stove. It is better to have a smaller stove that you burn hard, than a stove which is overcapacity and you end up opening windows to accommodate

Charnwood have a stove calculator which allows you to check for optimum capacity for your room.

Secondly style and colour.

Once you are sure of the specifications of your stove, it is time to consider the style options. A woodburning/ multifuel stove is a considerable investment. It is likely to be a feature of the space for some considerable time. Plus considering many stoves come with life time warranties so it is essential your consider the aesthetics.

Traditional style

Many stoves have traditional features and can compliment a classic and elegant style.

Whereas modern and contemporary designs can bring a wow factor into a chic design.

Modern and contemporary

Once you have decided on style it is time to consider wood storage.

Many stove come with built in storage for this purpose. Otherwise there are many products ranging from baskets to racks that you can purchase for this purpose. Don't leave this as an afterthought this practical aspect of the design is essential when deciding on the installation of your stove. Check out these ideas for wood storage.

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