Thinking about investing in a wood burning stove- some considerations

Thinking about investing in a wood burning stove- some considerations

Why invest in a wood burning stove?

There are many reasons why out laying a considered cost on a wood burning stove is a shrewd investment. In fact during the past few years this has become a popular home improvement project.

The energy cost crisis bought on by the recent pandemic, political instability and the war between Russia and the Ukraine has increased the worry and concern from home owners in the UK. Looking for alternative sources of fuel other than those provided by large corporations and governments has been a growing focus for consumers. Wood as a fuel source is a sustainable, carbon neutral and cheap. Added to this is the control as a home owner you have over this fuel. If power cuts are to occur you will always have the means to heat your home, and in some models the ability to cook food.

Installing a wood burner will help with your overall fuel bills. Modern log burners are extremely efficient and dependent on the model can heat up to 140m². This enables the home owner to turn down (with thermostats this would be automatic) your expensive primary heating and use the more economical heating from the wood burning stove. If you're able to store large quantities of logs, this means buying in bulk at a low price will help you when other fuels fluctuate or even in some cases skyrocket.

Modern wood burners are extremely efficient and burn less fuel than older models in some cases cutting your consumption by 40%. The development of modern technology in the stove industry has also focused on Eco design. Modern stoves emit 70% fewer particles than older models ensuring a environmentally friendly burn.

Added to this development is the focus on user friendliness, most modern stoves are easy to operate and unlike other heating source require minimal maintenance. Some modern stoves even enable you to control the output from your smart phone of tablet. Despite the initial outlay stoves can last for many years some models even come with a life time guarantee.

But the number one reason why the installation of a wood burning stove is so popular is the cosy atmosphere enjoyed by the home owner on those cold dark winter nights. The sound of the crackling wood, the dancing glow of the flames are hard to emulate in any other way. In fact scientists have concluded there is a link to relaxation, lowering blood pressure and preventing stress.

So why delay, with the manufacturing cost of stoves increasing monthly there has never been a more opportune time to make that purchase then now. Browse today and achieve that cosy meditative atmosphere in time for Christmas.