Spring cleaning- looking after your stove.

Spring cleaning- looking after your stove.

Spring is in the air! The traditional time of year to embark on a spring clean. Your wood burning or multifuel stove will also benefit from attention. In fact cleaning and maintenance is essential for ensuring your home's safety.

Here at Renaissance stoves we are here to give you useful help and advice, on maintaining and cleaning your stove.

Modern stoves may not need cleaning on a daily basis and if run properly this is the beauty of them. In fact it is good practice to leave a bed of ash in the stove when burning logs, this helps to insulate the embers during each fire. The air wash system on stoves which many modern stoves have, works to keep your glass clear and clean of soot ensuring a fantastic view of the flames. As long as your fuel is dry and the controls are being used correctly the glass on air wash models should look after itself. 

However all stoves will need to be cleaned periodically. Rule number one for cleaning and maintenance is it must be done when the stove is cold. The embers will build up within the firing chamber and these will need cleaning out periodically. When emptying ash from your stove again you must do this when the stove is cold, it recommended that you use a metal bucket, in case there are any hot embers present in the ash. You can purchase specialist vacuums for this job, these are designed for cleaning stoves.

Spring Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stove ~ A Quickstart Guide - Stovax &  Gazco

Again even stoves with an air wash system will need the glass cleaning occasionally. To clean the glass use damp kitchen paper/cloth dipped in the cold ash to remove any build up or residue. Followed up with a dry paper/cloth to buff up. If you use stove glass cleaner ensure the spray does not run onto the rope seals as this can damage them. It is best to apply any products used on the stove glass to the paper/cloth itself.

To clean the body of the stove use a damp cloth to wipe the surface, followed by a dry cloth to dry the surface. Leaving surface water on a stove can damage the paint finish.

A spring clean of your flue and chimney is essential in fact your your flue needs to swept at least once a year by a recommended trained sweep. You will receive a certificate for this service and it will ensure you are covered for home insurance.

Finally all stoves need servicing from time to time like all heating appliances. During a service- rope seals, glass, firebricks, air controls, and baffle plates will be checked to ensure safe and efficient operating. Services can be carried out by you using the instruction manual for guidance. But it is recommended to use an affiliated and registered sweep or engineer.

If you are unsure about the cleaning and maintenance of your stove then Renaissance Stoves would always recommend you contact a qualified and trained chimney sweep. Check out your local area for a recommended expert.