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132-50572 - Aduro 17 Lux

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Aduro 17 Lux

The chalky white appearance, the stove is given a light expression that differs it significantly from the classic black stoves. The convection holes are integrated in the natural lines of the stove, the combustion chamber has a beautiful finish at the back and the ashpan slides soundless on gaskets.

Furthermore, the stove is equipped with elegant details in cast iron and is placed on a base. The large glass area combined with the new handles secure an elegant finish.

External air supply. Wood burning stoves need constant air supply to ensure a clean and efficient combustion process. However, this can be a problem in modern and energy efficient houses which are often very airtight. That`s why Aduro 17.1 Lux has an external air supply, meaning air for combustion can be brought from outside and led directly into the stove. The actual air intake is concealed by installing it behind or below the stove.



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